Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ed Etc.

Of course the "complaint" was going to get thrown out.

If the allegations were true, there would have been charges filed by the DA. This is nothing but a classic nuisance suit for the plaintiffs to get a few bucks. The attorney appears to be the "go-to" guy if you want to file an insurance claim against a school district. Of course the school district will settle because insurance companies will not pay attorney's fees. These civil cases should NEVER be reported by the media absent any criminal charges filed by the DA since the standards for proof are far lower and actually non-existent since the goal is not a trial but a settlement conference.

Moreover, the attorney has utterly no business filing a complaint with TSPC over unsubstantiated allegations made in a civil suit. Only truly serious ethical charges and criminal convictions should get their attention.

No doubt the teacher involved will get into trouble with TSPC even though the charges are dubious. Few administrators are ever properly sanctioned by TSPC when they are guilty of something.

WCSD has applied for federal funding for additional staff to help those affected by the Sparks Middle School shooting.

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