Thursday, November 21, 2013

Enough is Enough

After all these years, the "theory" Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone shooter in the JFK/Tippit killings isn't a "theory" at all but FACT. Unfortunately, this hasn't stopped the conspiracy industry to peddle more nonsense about "why" JFK died that fateful day in Dallas 50 years ago tomorrow.

Oswald's brother Robert says enough is enough:

But the facts are there. … What do you do with his rifle? What do you do with his pistol? What do you do with his general opportunity? What do you do with his actions? To me, you can’t reach but one conclusion. There’s hard physical evidence there. True, no one saw him actually pull the trigger on the president but … his presence in the building was there. What he did after he left the building is known: bus ride, taxi ride, boardinghouse, pick up the pistol, leave, shoot the police officer. Five or six eyewitnesses there. You can’t set that aside just because he is saying, “I’m a patsy.” I’d love to do that, but you cannot. …

He did not and would not talk to any of the interrogators about anything of substance. Anytime they brought anything up that pertained to the assassination of the president and the shooting of the police officer, he knew nothing about it. He would talk about anything else. He had the presence of mind then to do that.

[To those who say,] “He didn’t own a rifle.” We know he owned a rifle. You’ve got all kinds of documented evidence. They’ve gone to the extreme measures to prove that he owned that rifle. You’ve got the backyard picture. They’ve got the original negative. They’ve got the camera. You’ve got all the physical evidence that ties together.

If it was any other murder case other than the president of the United States, it would have been resolved right then. Consequently, people left it wide open. It’s good that people raise questions and say, “Wait a minute, let’s take a second look at this.” But when you take the second look and the third and the 40th and the 50th, hey, enough’s enough. It’s there; put it to rest.

People just need to give it up.

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