Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Her First Mistake

The first mistake this former teacher made was going into the field of education at the age of 46. Big, big mistake. She probably thought, like I did, this would be a good "ending" career before retirement. At least she "voluntarily" quit, unlike yours truly who got illegally fired nearly six years ago and can't get back on my feet economically:

Why did you eventually leave?

I saw that no matter what I wanted for the kids, it wasn’t going to happen. The system purported to be supporting students just wasn’t there. They need remediation, tiny class sizes, one-on-one attention—they need parenting, basically. Their parents are affected by the same Toxic Stress that they are, and it repeats itself in a cycle from parent to child. In America, the wealthiest school is going to get ten times more funding than the lowest one. For every dollar my school was getting, one in the suburbs was getting ten dollars. That’s huge. The kids come in disadvantaged, and they’re subjected to this disadvantaged school. My school was completely third-world. And through it all, it completely negated your life outside school. It was so exhausting. To teach anyway means to be giving, to deliver something. You’re giving out, giving out, giving out. And when you come up against these natural obstructions because of poverty, and then the lack of support from the administration, it’s just too much.

Administration is always a biggie. Then it's probably the realization that they hold all of the cards while she had no power at all.

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