Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I Knew It Would Happen

It is simply too traumatizing for many staff at Sparks Middle School to return to work and try to continue as if nothing happened. A number of them are already seeking transfers out of the school or are on leave, and this one is one school that doesn't have a lot of turnover in staff. I'll be paying attention to who leaves there.

The district isn't saying whether the principal put on leave, Stacey Cooper, who just took on the principal job in August, is actually on some kind of medical leave or she is being pushed out:

Martinez said the district is listening to staff and providing what they need following Oct. 21 when seventh grader José Reyes killed a teacher and himself and injured two students. He said he may get additional requests for leaves or transfers in the coming months.

“Our District staff and students continue to work through the recovery process in the wake of the tragic event at Sparks Middle School. That recovery process is unique to each person, and is, by its very nature, a private one. The Washoe County School District will respect that privacy as it continues to provide support to staff members and students District-wide who have been affected by this incident," the district said in a statement.

If I were still at that school, I would have never returned.

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