Saturday, November 09, 2013

Is She a Scapegoat?

We will find out before long whether Sparks Middle School principal Stacey Cooper is out on leave because of stress issues resulting from the shooting, which I believe is true, or, whether WCSD is trying to scapegoat her for something that was out of the school's and school district's control.

IF it is the latter, the district is no doubt gearing up for the lawsuits, which could total in the millions, that will surely result despite the district not being at fault.

In any case, it is not the principal's fault this happened. It would terrible if she gets any kind of blame at all.

Anyway, here is the report about her leave of absence:

I read the comments following the article, and I am going to take note of a couple of them:

IF the child was being bullied, I seriously doubt the school knew because the school takes such complaints very seriously. As a parent I've had to address this and know first-hand. Also don't forget the kid came back "angry" right after a week off. IF he was being bullied and it was that intense, then maybe it was happening outside of school. You have to go deeper on this. If you see his home life, you'll see it wasn't squeaky clean and the kid had many obvious issues, especially when you read between the lines on what the parents said. On top of that EVERYONE involved has lawyered up (the parents of the shooter were reading their statement from their lawyer's office!) and I think the "District" is hedging bets because they see maybe 3-4 lawsuits being levied against them for various aspects. When that happens, then you need a S-C-A-P-E-G-O-A-T and who do you think they picked for that role??? God forbid that the "District" actually accept any blame because we all know that they walk on water...


Mrs. Cooper is on leave, but it isn't willingly or by her request (I'm sure if you cornered her for a quote, she'd refer you to the "District" for "comment"). The "District" says she needs "time", but if you ask the "District" how to spell that, it comes out as S-C-A-P-E-G-O-A-T. The "District" is looking for someone to blame internally for the shooting at Sparks Middle School, and who better to blame than the new principal who has only been on the job since August 2013 - two months before the shooting. The "District" has clamped down hard on all the staff of Sparks Middle School and do not want loose lips. Ask yourself how many interviews did the media have with teachers or staff? There is a whole different view than just what the "District" wants you to know. How do I know this? The "District" should be more careful when they speak on their home turf - people they think who are inconsequential or invisible are actually paying very close attention, and even if they don't have a conscience, believe it or not others do.....

Stay tuned.

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