Wednesday, November 06, 2013

It's Been the Law for SEVENTY Years

and you as a teacher are taught about education law, including the rights of students to NOT participate in the flag salute, yet this moron forced the Pledge of Allegiance on a Jehovah's Witness student and got herself into trouble.

I STILL see this shit go on in public schools. These stupid teachers and substitutes, who think they are patriotic or whatever, jettison established law to force their beliefs on others. They will sometimes force students to stand and not actually say the pledge, but that is almost as offensive and legally dubious.

I have also seen Title IX violations, too, by teachers, especially the two separate lines divided by sex. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

From the original article:

Martin told her that nearly all of the students who were interviewed indicated that, on Sept. 12, the day after the first incident, she told the class that those who didn't want to say the pledge should move back to their home country.

"But that's not what I said," Daigle-McDonald responded. "It was directed at citizenship. I was talking about pledging allegiance to our country, and if you don't want to pledge to our country, you should go to your home country."

In a conference with the district, Daigle-McDonald, who did not return calls from the Times, said she wanted to apologize to the boys' parents.

"(I) just wanted all of the students to respect the day," she said. "It wasn't a holiday, so I didn't see why the whole class couldn't say the pledge."

Stupid bitch ought to be fired.

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