Monday, November 11, 2013

It's Nothing But Child Abuse

No surprise really that corporal punishment in schools has a negative effect on children.

I don't know how beating a kid up makes him or her a better student. All it does is teach that "might makes right."

In fact, I don't even understand how it can still be legal in any schools considering all of the liability issues involved.

Meece analyzed results from two groups of 32 children. In the group that wasn't paddled, Meece found that three students did not graduate high school or receive a GED by age 25. Among those who were paddled, nine did not graduate within that time frame.

Those results, as well as academic research pointing to other dangers of corporal punishment, have Meece and Janetta Fleming Bradley, a UTC associate professor of education, calling for an end of the practice in public schools.

While research in the field is relatively lacking, the professors say corporal punishment increases aggressive, hostile and abusive behavior in students.

"In no other setting can we hit people and get away with it," Bradley said. "Not in mental institutions, not in prisons and not in hospitals. Only in schools."

Teachers and other educational staff are mandated reporters when it comes to child abuse, yet in some 19 states they are allowed to INFLICT it? That is crazy.

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