Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It's Nothing But Corporate Welfare

But then again I never had high expectations of Obama when he got inaugurated. I knew what he was, but he exceeded my low expectations by being even worse. His education policies made him the shittiest president in American history in my book, so he had no way to go but up.

This guy, who isn't very smart but thinks he is, spent all of his time working on a monstrosity of a health insurance exchange system instead of focusing purely on jobs and the economy. A real Democrat would have done it but not Barack Obama. It was whatever his buddies on Wall Street and the neoliberal think tank policy makers wanted.


The fallout over the administration’s misinformation regarding the individual insurance market is only the tip of the iceberg. Beyond this relatively small market are the 170 million Americans who are presently enrolled in health care plans through their employers. The health care overhaul has been devised as a means of dismantling this employer-based system, which for decades provided a basic level of health insurance for tens of millions of workers in the US.

Companies have already shifted their retirees off of company-administered health plans and onto privately run health care exchanges that offer plans with few benefits and large out-of-pocket expenses. City and state governments are also moving to shift their retirees, and in some cases their active employees, off of municipally funded benefits and onto privately run exchanges or directly onto the Obamacare exchanges.

Nobody really puts up a fight on this. This turns out to be health care rationing by default. Nobody says a goddamned word about it.

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