Saturday, November 23, 2013

JFK Assassination: Day 2 Coverage

More live stream from CBS News. Saturday was probably the least "newsworthy" of the four days, as I remember. The major stories that day were that Oswald was charged with the murder and gave a press conference of sorts, and dignitaries paid their respects at the White House.

Jack Ruby could clearly be seen in the day's coverage in the hallway of the police station. So much for being a hit man for the mafia. He was actually on friendly terms with the police department. That was the reason he killed Oswald; the police didn't perceive him as being a threat at all. However, after he killed the killer, the police made damned sure nobody would knock Ruby off.

I will have to get up fairly early tomorrow to watch the repeat of the Oswald shooting in real time, fifty years later.

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