Monday, November 25, 2013

JFK Assassination: Day 4

The rest of the funeral coverage was on this day in 1963. There was a full band in this procession, unlike the previous day, playing pieces like Chopin's Funeral March, and continuing the unforgettable drum roll.

Services at St. Matthew's Cathedral and march to Arlington National Cemetery to the graveside services are on this day's coverage. As an aside, at least one person agreed with me about Richard Cardinal Cushing. Fortunately there was television commentary translating whatever Cushing was trying to say during the "low mass."

It's almost too much to take after all these years.

There are nitwit "journalists" like Karen Tumulty, who is the same age I am and old enough to remember those days, who regard the webcast as "creepy" and tweeted as much. The moron was probably playing with her Barbie dolls during those four days and probably missed Yogi Bear more than she missed the president of the United States. She is probably still playing with Barbie dolls.

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