Tuesday, November 19, 2013

JFK Roundup

Some interesting interviews from the CBS website:

It's possible JFK's back brace may have cost him his life.


A photographer recalls the famous shot he took of Oswald being shot by Jack Ruby.

Jackson would have one chance to capture Oswald on the move. His flash would go off just once.

"I knew it wouldn't recycle for maybe four to six seconds. I wouldn't be able to shoot an extra frame," he said. "When [Jack] Ruby stepped out of the crowd, my first thought is, he's going to block my view. He fired, and I punched the button."

Jackson said it was "bedlam" and he was "nervous" that he had taken his photo "too soon."

"We put the negative in the enlarger and carried the wet print out into the newsroom and everybody was pretty excited."

Jackson had captured the moment Jack Ruby's bullet entered Oswald's body, firing his shutter six-tenths of a second after his competitor snapped his shot.

Luci Baines Johnson remembers what she did that day when JFK was assassinated.

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