Saturday, November 02, 2013

Some More Teacher Firings to Note

Another moron with shit for brains got herself fired because she posed for a Playboy spread:

But it appears that Deweese is relaunching her modeling career, after she started a profile on the Model Mayhem website.
"I've been modeling since I was 12, quit for a while to pursue teaching and now I'm back," she wrote on the portal.

Deweese also tweeted that she's currently unable to talk about her firing, which the Observer speculated could be because she's retained a lawyer for a legal battle with the school.

She won't get reinstated.

Another turkey slipped through the cracks:

Linderman's resignation followed a written reprimand -- and investigations by the district and the Greenville County Sheriff's Office -- during his last year with the district, according to Oby Lyles, director of communications for the Greenville district.

A custodian reported seeing Linderman enter a restroom near the school's football stadium with a female student during a teacher work day in October 2012, according to the S.C. State Board of Education's suspension order.

The Greenville Sheriff's Office investigated, according to Deputy Drew Pinciaro, but the student involved did not cooperate and no charges were filed.

However, the school district in December ordered Linderman not to text, telephone or exchange instant messages with students. He also was told not to use district email or phone services to communicate with students and confer with students only in "recognized meeting areas," according to the order.


At least this happened in a private school, but the ex-teacher decided to sue for defamation:

In an unusual case that some experts worry will have a chilling effect on the reporting of school abuse, a former San Jose teacher is suing a group of parents and young girls he says defamed him by complaining about his behavior.

The families accused physical education teacher John Fischler of inappropriately touching their two 10- and 11-year-old girls at Holy Spirit Catholic school and peeking in a girls' bathroom. The Almaden Valley school, and eventually the police, cleared Fischler of sexual misconduct.

I should have brought suit against the mother whose lawyer falsely accused me of "failing to report" something that never happened.

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