Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Taking Leave of Her Senses

The past few days I had posts up about the JFK assassination coverage from fifty years ago and how the journalists were so much better than those of today, who seem to have no sense of what journalism is about. Case in point is Lara Logan and her bogus "report" on Benghazi. She is now been forced to take leave.

In the old days, news organizations would actually fact check things over and over before going on the air or going into print. Not that there wasn't yellow journalism, for that has always been around. However, tabloidism, journalism and outright propaganda have been so commingled it is difficult for current audiences to distinguish among them.

The old days, however, did suffer from few women or minorities being in the plum jobs, and that was a negative. However, that is about the only negative.

Now we have tabloidism, rumor, and outright lies posing as "news" and put forward by Barbie and Ken dolls with IQs in the single digits, not that IQ scores really indicate anything. However, these airheads are making big bucks and are strictly forwarding stories that won't embarrass the big wigs in charge.

Unless, like Lara Logan and her producer, they get caught:

The show said Davies would provide the first western eyewitness account of the attack, which left Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Amerians dead.

After the "60 Minutes" report aired, it was revealed that Davies had given a conflicting story to the FBI, saying he was not on the scene. Subsequent reports cast further doubt on his story.

An internal CBS investigation summarized by Al Ortiz, director of standards and practices, found that among other things, the Logan-McLellan team "did not sufficiently vet Davies' account of his own actions and whereabouts that night."

Worse still she was going around giving her personal opinion about the situation as if it were this giant government scandal, which is a big no-no for journalists.

This suspension wasn't a strictly political thing, like what happened with Dan Rather on the Killian memos, which were never debunked, by the way, just not verified as genuine because what Rather and company had were copies. Logan's "story" appears to have been outright fabrication and probably shouldn't have been televised at all.

I don't think she will be suffering, though. She'll likely get a Fox "News" gig out of this.

You can view the debunked "story" at MMFA.

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