Sunday, November 17, 2013

Teaching's An Easy, Cheesy Job

You know, with those summers off, getting off at 3, that sort of thing:

When a 16-year-old student slammed a metal trash can onto Philip Raimondo's head, it did more than break open the history teacher's scalp, knock him out and send him bleeding to the floor.

"It changed my whole world," Raimondo said about the attack in the school where he taught for 22 years.

Experts say the phenomenon of student-on-teacher violence is too often ignored.

If you aren't killed outright, like my one-time co-worker Michael Landsberry was, then you may end up being scapegoated and railroaded out of a career. It happens.

The poor guy mentioned in the excerpt never returned to teaching thanks to PTSD. He's still suffering 10 years later.

The attacker was a GIRL, by the way, and the teacher tried to intervene in a fight.

Anyhow, it's still a cushy, easy job.

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