Friday, November 08, 2013

The End Result of Neoliberal Economic Policies

Massive human misery on purpose, in order to enrich the greedy few even further.

Some food for thought:

That estimate is the end product of some complex data-crunching, and you can quibble with the details. Hey, maybe we’re only losing $800 billion a year. But the evidence is overwhelming that by failing to respond effectively to mass unemployment — by not even making unemployment a major policy priority — we’ve done ourselves immense long-term damage.

And it is, as I said, a bitter irony, because one main reason we’ve done so little about unemployment is the preaching of deficit scolds, who have wrapped themselves in the mantle of long-run responsibility — which they have managed to get identified in the public mind almost entirely with holding down government debt.

The reason neoliberals in both political parties won't address it is because they WANT America to be on the same level as the poorest of third world countries. Obama hasn't done shit about it, which tells you where his true loyalties are, and they aren't to traditional Democratic Party principles.

These people are evil sons of bitches.

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