Friday, November 01, 2013

Whatever You Do, Don't Do It

This piece echoes what I have been saying for years, only I would add the blatant age discrimination employed by school districts.

There are no teaching jobs to be had, but if you land one you are treated like shit anyway.

Teaching is, and has been for at least the past seven years, becoming more and more difficult, and less and less rewarding, in almost every imaginable way, and the pendulum hasn’t reached its nadir yet. Class sizes, the needs of the students within them and the corresponding work load have been steadily rising while compensation, academic freedom, administrative support and respect have been falling. My take-home pay actually decreased during the last four years that I taught, due to pay freezes, furlough days taken because of district mismanagement and increasing health insurance premiums for coverage that kept shrinking. Worst of all, any semblance of academic freedom was utterly taken away, replaced by mandatory teaching methods, materials and curricula; success being measured through mandatory standardized assessments that were not designed for, or normed using, the kinds of students I had in my classes.

The only thing worthwhile about the job is with the kids, but the joy of teaching them is being wrecked by the assholes in charge.

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