Sunday, December 15, 2013

Economy Etc.

UI benefits do NOT "encourage" the unemployed to remain unemployed longer. What kind of fucked up thinking is that?

Greg Walden is proving he's another heartless, brainless nitwit who is part of the problem in D.C.

Of course the neolibs and far right would like to do away with UI because it would save employers money. Employers pay the UI tax.

There aren't enough jobs because our D.C. politicians won't do shit about the ruinous trade policies or create any jobs programs to jumpstart the economy.

The economy continues to go into the ditch.

The economic gap between debtor and creditor continues to widen, as Ralph Nader notes.

There is one set of standards for the rich, and another for everybody else when it comes to the law (and virtually everything else).

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