Monday, December 23, 2013


The greedy health insurance industry isn't happy the Obama administration is allowing for "hardship exemptions" for those people who were tossed out of their health insurance plans and will not be assessed a penalty.

Obituary: John Eisenhower, lookalike son of President Ike, has died at the age of 91:

"My dad being an Army officer, I was just born to it," Eisenhower said in a C-SPAN interview in 1998. "I was raised in a military manner, and it was a given that Army brats went to West Point, so I went to West Point in 1941. And being in the military has been my life."

Eisenhower taught English for three years at West Point, then volunteered for service during the Korean War and later became a battalion commander.

Eisenhower served on his father's White House staff for the last few years of his administration and later helped his father write his post-presidential memoirs. The younger Eisenhower began writing his own books, then served as U.S. ambassador to Belgium during the first years of the Nixon administration. He soon returned to writing, focusing on the military's relationship with government and politics.

I am so sick of this "skills shortage" bullshit peddled by people who want to blame workers for what the fuckers in D.C. have pulled I can just scream.

Obituary: Hollywood Park racetrack, 75, of political neglect:

Jack Van Berg, the 77-year-old Hall of Fame trainer, blamed the cities of Inglewood and Los Angeles and the state of California for the track's closure.

"I just think it's a pathetic thing," he said near the paddock. "It's ridiculous to let something like this that so many people love and thrive on close. They did everything they could to kill racing."

Hollywood Park is the second major California racetrack to close since 2008, when Bay Meadows near San Francisco was shuttered after 74 years. It was closed to make way for a similar development by the same land company that is shuttering Hollywood.

Santa Anita Park, located in Arcadia, will open its winter/spring meet Dec. 26. It and Del Mar will pick up most of Hollywood's dates. Los Alamitos in Orange County will pick up some of Hollywood Park's calendar, too.

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