Thursday, December 05, 2013

Goodbye and Good Riddance

While today we think of Nelson Mandela as someone who was truly great, we are also treated with the resignation of a true blue bottom feeder posing as a "journalist."

You don't have to be a Sarah Palin fan to find Martin Bashir one of the most despicable excuses for a journalist who has ever come down the pike.

He rode on the coattails of the unstable Diana, Princess of Wales, when she gave that utterly incomprehensible interview with Panorama back in 1995. Her rehearsed answers trashed her estranged husband, cast doubts on whether he was fit to be king thus creating an unnecessary crisis for the monarchy, and her paranoia and mental instability were there for all the world to see. She upset the people she claimed to care most of all, her sons. All the while, Bashir was lapping it up, for it was dollar signs and fame for him from now on, no matter the means.

It got much worse, if that is possible, with the character assassination he did on Michael Jackson. There was no excuse for his constant insinuations that Jackson was a child molester because he was a naive individual who loved children and even invited the kids to "sleep on his bed." Of course, he said he slept on the floor while the kids hogged the bed, and that there were cameras all over Neverland to prevent any kind of wrongdoing, but why have that little truth interfere with a good molestation story? That shitty "documentary" is said to have emotionally broken the already fragile Jackson, and Bashir was only sorry after the King of Pop died.

Even then he didn't apologize for his innuendo; he merely said he never saw anything indicating wrongdoing with kids by MJ and that he thought he was a great entertainer. A day late and a dollar short.

Bashir shouldn't be hired anywhere, but somebody somewhere will pick him up like a dog picks up fleas.

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