Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Grand Larceny

Obama is fully supportive of the attack on public pensions. After all, it just isn't "fair" that public employees get one, and stupid private sector employees mostly don't anymore because they went along with the stupid 401(k) con.

However, many states don't pay into Social Security, and the workers get absolutely fucked over if they ever have paid into the system. What then, assholes?

The bankruptcy I am sure is illegal, but everybody is now on the take.

The governor and the emergency manager should be doing prison time.

Remember, public pensions are NOT covered by PBGC.

Moreover, public pensions are NOT the reason governments are stressed. It is business handouts and tax breaks to the rich that are causing it.

In common with the US Supreme Court ruling that countermanded the Florida Supreme Court and halted the counting of votes in order to hand the 2000 presidential election to Bush, Rhodes's decision asserted federal supremacy to ride roughshod over the Michigan State Constitution and its guarantee of public pensions.

In finding the city eligible for bankruptcy, the judge brushed aside the legal arguments of retirees and others who filed lawsuits challenging Orr’s bankruptcy filing and Michigan’s anti-democratic emergency manager law. Dismissing the plain language of the Michigan Constitution’s ban on “impairing or diminishing” public employee pensions, Rhodes argued that there was no such ban and that the federal courts could sanction an attack on workers’ benefits.

The judge also ruled that the state’s emergency manager law, Public Act 436, was constitutional, even though it was essentially the same law that was repealed by Michigan voters in December 2012.

The judge belongs in jail as well. It's totally illegal.

Glen Ford has more about this outrage. It'll try to spread. Illinois state workers are about to get the shaft by a "Democratic" governor.

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