Saturday, December 28, 2013

He's Given Me Fits Since Before January 20, 2009

Thinks aren't looking too good for the commander-in-chief, and he has nowhere to go but up next year.

If he behaved like a real Democrat instead of some neoliberal shitbag, he might have a chance to get his approval ratings up. But as it stands, he is mired in the ditch right along with that useless Congress.

What Obama really needs to do is consult with former president Clinton about how to get into a sex scandal and make it work to his advantage. That's about the only way he will get his approval ratings up.

Well, rumor has it his wife Michelle is about ready to ditch him at the end of his term in 2017. That is, if you believe the National Enquirer. She allegedly raked him over the coals at home after that South African debacle of flirting around with the Danish prime minister instead of being solemn at a funeral for a famous political leader.

Too bad it can't happen earlier. Things are too shitting dull and infuriating as they are in D.C.

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