Monday, December 02, 2013

I Miss Michael Winerip

I know he still works for the New York Times, but the bigwigs took him off the education beat. It must be that he was just a little bit too honest and refused to toe the neoliberal line the "liberal" paper kept spewing about public education. The paper, like the L.A. Times, spewed bullshit after bullshit about teachers, their alleged rights, and how we need to "reform" the profession.

The goddamned paper is at it again. It must be trying to influence the newly elected mayor to keep toeing the bullshit line instead of supporting public education in NYC. This editorial is particularly nasty toward teachers and shows a blatant disregard of the reason seniority exists (it is standard operating procedure in private businesses, by the way, because "merit" does not exist, and teachers are totally at the mercy of unaccountable principals, who until very recently have had ironclad job security) and the rights to "due process" that are identical to other public employees. "Tenure" does NOT exist in public education.

The more wrong the media and these con artist "reformers" and their neoliberal think tank propagandists are about public education, the more they dig in.

The prospect of trillions of dollars of taxpayer money to rip off is just too tempting to abandon.

The LA Times apparently had a big influence on the utterly useless and corrupt LAUSD superintendent John Deasy to stay, so I supposed the NYT is trying to do the same thing with de Blasio.

The only question here is whether de Blasio has the spine to resist the reformers' bullshit.

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