Monday, December 09, 2013

It Is What It Is

People, especially nutball libertarians, try to put a pretty face on the scourge of prostitution by peddling all kinds of lies about something that is truly a human rights violation. ALL people, including women, believe it or not, have a right to human dignity and respect and should never be in a circumstance where they have to sell their bodies in order to survive or to support some asshole who is living off of him or her, typically her as the vast majority of those prostituted are female.

Scandinavia is one part of the world that has finally recognized the libertarian crap for what it is, crap, and is trying to do something to eradicate the problem by focusing on the demand side, rather than on the supply.

The Nordic Model denies sex workers’ agency

One of the things that critics seem to find so difficult to comprehend about the Nordic Model is that it is actually about restricting buyers, not about restricting those in prostitution. That is why it decriminalizes prostituted persons. The Model doesn’t discount the possibility of prostitution by “choice” but rather establishes that the buying of women in systems of prostitution is something that the state should actively discourage.

It’s pretty simple really. The Nordic Model acknowledges that less demand for prostitution and less demand for trafficking = less prostitution and less trafficking ∴ reducing the number of women exposed to these particular types of abuse and creating a better chance of achieving gender equality.

Face it: It's men who want the "right" to buy and sell women for their own ends. They don't give a shit about the conditions of the women who are in it. "Consent" to them means "consent" for men to use women as human toilets.

It's not acceptable.

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