Sunday, December 29, 2013

Nepotism in Public Education

I just love the excuses smaller and rural school districts give for supporting blatant corruption in hiring. Article is 10 years old but still relevant today.

By the "logic" these districts use, why not ditch civil service regulations when it comes to regular public employees?

That's because there is NO shortage of qualified candidates for teaching jobs. If people complain, they have to fight the problem in court, an uphill battle at best.

If there is a problem with relatives of board members getting teaching and other district jobs, you can just imagine how flagrant nepotism and cronyism are in school districts around the country when you add into the mix relatives of current classified staff, teachers, and administrators getting teaching jobs.

Even if some "reforms" of the system are in place, states often put in a bunch of loopholes guaranteeing nepotism will continue.

People do notice there is a problem with it, but getting rid of the practice is easier said than done.

From 2012 is this article about one case of seemingly outrageous nepotism, though this crap goes on everywhere.

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