Sunday, December 22, 2013

Obama SHOULD Be Raked Over the Coals

on education policy. One cannot write or talk with a straight face and blame the GOP for Obama and Duncan's miserable policies which have accelerated the destruction of public education in a way the GOP could not do.

That "D" after Obama has neutralized criticism, including from Paul Krugman who should know better, but it shouldn't because it is apparent he is a Wall Street-backed FRAUD. I am not hopeful about 2016; I believe there will be another Wall Street puppet or neolib or somebody who is a puppet of an ex-president. I will be once again forced to vote third party.

I don't want them around the Democratic Party apparatus anymore. As for Hillary Clinton, she needs to retire to rein in her husband, who has some neurotic need to be out in the public eye all the time. It's like he has an addictive personality. He's too stinking needy, and it's not attractive at all. Furthermore, I don't want to hear any more globalist shit from him because that is the root cause of the mess we have in this country.

I suffer from "Clinton fatigue," and I want both of them out of the public limelight. This country needs new, fresh blood.

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