Monday, December 09, 2013

Poopy Schortz Has Her Panties All In a Bunch

airing a bunch of "trendy" dirty laundry because baby boomers, those who are still alive since the oldest members of that generation are 67 years of age, are continuing to get divorced, even after they hit fifty.

Does it even matter anyway? Younger generations are no more inclined to get and stay married than baby boomers.

We who are part of the dwindling generational cohort in the 19 years following the end of World War II, have been blamed for every goddamned thing just because our parents didn't use birth control. When we grew older in the 1960s, we got blamed for the counterculture and all of that stuff, though most of us were too young to fully participate even if we wanted to. Most of the activists were born right before the beginning of the baby boom. Then we got blamed for the mythical Social Security-is-going-broke bullshit peddled by the neolibs, then we got blamed for ruining the world's environment, then we got blamed for electing Ronald Reagan, and so on down the line.

In decades past, it was the older generations who were quick to blame us for all of the world's ills; now it is the younger generations who are piling on.

Anyway, enough of my rant. So just what was Poopy's point? She is trying to blame the baby boom generation for being a bunch of screwed-up dimwits who can't stay married, unlike earlier and later generations. Of course, for most of this generation's lives, they have lived in a very unstable economy. The post-war boom lasted only until around 1975, and it was downhill from there thanks to the rise of neoliberal economics influencing the policies of both political parties. The oldest of that generation was still under 30 when the economy started going into the ditch. Baby boomers had to go through retraining and retraining to get jobs, and to no avail. They are the first generation to do worse than their parents. They are also the first generation to experience wholesale age discrimination, making their prospects even bleaker in old age.

Schortz, like that other idiot trend watcher, "Faith Popcorn," doesn't even know what she is talking about.

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