Monday, December 02, 2013

The Poor Are the Enemy

and must be beaten down no matter what the cost. At least that is what the elite financial class has been doing for the past thirty or so years. I was saying that thirty years ago that we are in a class war, and only the very ignorant can possibly believe otherwise.

It isn't just the poor who are beating savaged--it is also the middle and professional classes who are "getting it."

The country is run by and for parasites, the billionaire and Wall Street classes, who create nothing but steal from taxpayers and hoard everything thanks to buying off elected officials.

As we have seen, our D.C. politicians play this little game to con the public that they are doing things to "help" them. We have a totally batshit political party, the Republicans, who play the fools and come up with even more creative ways to sound outrageous. People get really upset with them because they think we are on the verge of ruination if these idiots keep getting elected.

Then the voters elect the "Democrats," who turn out to actually DO what the people who own the GOP want anyway. That's why I was so against Obama's nomination; I knew the guy was a fake from way, way back. The Democratic and Republican parties are nothing like they were 30, 40, or 50 years ago, even taking into account the racist Dixiecrats.

I dread next year's elections, certainly, but I dread 2016 even more. Now the media and her husband are trying to push Hillary Clinton, who already is too old for the job and reportedly has some health issues, to be the presidential nominee. If she gets it, she probably would get elected, but I have long since grown tired of the Clintons and especially of their Rubenite hangers-on who have helped sink this country's economy. The Clintons just need to retire and enjoy life and perhaps work at the presidential library in Arkansas or tinker with some charities. That's what Jimmy Carter has done. He's secure in himself, unlike Hillary's husband, who is so damned needy he has to have attention all the time, even if it is being the person behind Hillary's candidacy and presidency. He's high maintenance and alone is a full-time job, let alone have to take care of the United States' and world's problems. Hillary just needs to say "no" to him on the presidential gig.

Even worse, though, is the possibility of an outright fraud becoming the nominee like Cory Booker or Andrew Cuomo. So help me God I am finished with the Democratic Party for good if that ever happens.

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