Friday, December 27, 2013

The Return of Patronage

Not that by any means it ever left Washoe County School District, but I noticed that the district just recently posted this on its employment opportunities webpage:

Know a great candidate for one of our jobs? Let them know we are hiring! Tell a Friend

Click on the link, and it pops up an email with this message:

I saw a great career opportunity with the Washoe County School District and thought it would be of interest to you. Please visit their website at to learn more.

If the district has to resort to openly push outright patronage and nepotism for openings, you KNOW the word is out about how bad the district is and about how utterly stupid all of the Morrison-inspired hoops for teacher applicants especially are.

It's very possible they aren't getting the applications they used to get when people wasted their time applying there.

It's also possible they are expecting a lot of "churn" when their "lowest-performing" schools continue to be "low performing" thanks to high poverty and especially transience at the Title I schools. "Churn," of course means forcing teachers and principals out of the district.

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