Saturday, December 07, 2013

The Third Way Means Our "Democratic" Officials

are merely tools of the top percent of the top one percent. It's no longer about getting votes from the southern states, which the previous outfit the Democratic Leadership Council originally was about (plus make some inroads on donations from businesses by sucking up to them) after the defeat of Michael Dukakis in the 1988 elections. Now it's all about being outright tools to destroy longstanding policies that help people in order to help the only people they care about: Wall Street, neoliberals, and billionaires. In short, they are tools of gangsters or outright gangsters themselves.

Some proof the outfit is a bunch of lying tools:

And lest you think, as most Americans do, that increasing the tax burden on the rich and corporations might be a fair way to strengthen entitlement funding, Third Way is here to disabuse you hippies of this “fantasy.” The group is especially not fond of the idea of lifting the cap on Social Security payroll taxes, even though doing so would make up 79% of Social Security’s projected shortfall in one fell swoop and almost exclusively impact the wealthiest Americans. No, Third Way warns that such a move would “break the Social Security contract” and require a drastic step like raising the top marginal tax rate to—Heaven forfend!—50%. What the group never seems to point out, however, is that in 1983, the last time Social Security was projected as fully solvent for the next 75 years, the top marginal tax rate was…50%.

It just shows you the "Third Way" is in bed with that crook Peter J. Peterson, a late-80s something who should have died years ago along with his grand larceny scheme of destroying Social Security.

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