Sunday, December 08, 2013

They Aren't "Centrists"

Almost all of the D.C. political spectrum these days is between far right and batshit crazy. The Democratic Party has been hijacked by neoliberal policymakers, billionaires, and Wall Street crooks, and it doesn't have to be an organized group called Third Way, either.

The Democratic Party isn't the same party it was even ten years ago, the Rubenites and Clintonites notwithstanding, and it has gotten outright awful with the election in 2008 of a total fake in the White House.

I don't know where Paul Krugman has been all these years. It's been obvious the Democratic Party has been infected with a cancer called neoliberalism, and the party is now in a terminal stage unless or until these frauds are purged from the party.

The Third Way is part of the neoliberal game that most of our politicians in D.C. subscribe to in one way or the other.

People look at how batshit the GOP is and say, "Oh, look how HORRIBLE they are!" Then they turn around and vote for these neoliberal fakers posing as Democrats who put through the same damned thing as the GOP would pull. Actually, it's more likely those things would go through because of these fakers since people are so conned by the "D" after their names.

The Democratic Party isn't the same party it was even ten years ago thanks to these fakers. It's sickening.

Krugman points out the Peter J. Peterson agenda of destroying Social Security and Medicare:

So progressive Democrats have seized on an op-ed by the group Third Way — an op-ed attacking Elizabeth Warren and Bill de Blasio for their terrible, horrible economic populism — as a way to start reclaiming the party from the “centrists”. And it’s working: the centrists are very much on the run.

Why? Part of the answer is that the Democratic party has become more progressive. But I would argue that the centrists are also suffering from their own intellectual bankruptcy.

I mean, going after Warren and de Blasio for not being willing to cut Social Security and their “staunch refusal to address the coming Medicare crisis” ??? Even aside from the question of exactly what the mayor of New York has to do with Medicare, this sounds as if they have been living in a cave for years, maybe reading an occasional screed from the Pete Peterson complex.

Those people are bought and paid for by crooks like Peter J. Peterson, including and especially Obama, who cannot be trusted to preserve anything remotely seen as traditional Democratic Party values.

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