Monday, December 23, 2013

To Hell With the Public Good and an Educated Citizenry

It's all about the "libertarian" or neoliberal fantasy of the "right" to steal from the taxpayers in order to enrich the tiny few:

The U.S is ratcheting up a societal-level war on public education. At issue is whether we are going to make it better — build it into something estimable, a social asset that undergirds a noble and prosperous society — or whether we’re going to tear it down so that private investors can get their hands on the almost $1 trillion we spend on it every year. The tear-it-down option is the civilian equivalent of Ben Tre, but on a vastly larger scale and with incomparably greater stakes: we must destroy public education in order to save it. It’s still early in the game, but right now the momentum is with the wreckers because that’s where the money is. Whether they succeed or not will be up to you.

Here’s a three-step recipe for how to destroy education. It maps perfectly to how to make a prodigious profit by privatizing it. It is the essential game plan of the big money boys.

First, lower the costs so you can jack up the profits. Since the overwhelming cost in education is the salaries of the teachers, this means firing the experienced teachers, for they are the most expensive. Replace them with “teachers” who are young, inexperienced, and inexpensive. Better yet, waive requirements that they have to have any training, that is to say, that they be credentialed. That way, you can get the absolute cheapest workers available. Roll them over frequently so they don’t develop any expectation that they’ll ever make a career out of it.

Second, make the curriculum as narrow, rote, and regimented as you can. This makes it possible for low-skilled “teachers” to “teach.” All they need do is maintain order while drilling students in mindless memorization and robotic repetition. By all means avoid messy things like context, nuance, values, complexity, reflection, depth, ambiguity—all the things that actually make for true intelligence. It’s too hard to teach those things and, besides, you need intelligent, experienced people to be able to do it. Stick with the model: Profitable equals simplistic and formulaic. Go with it.

Nobody gives a shit about the kids. The ultimate goal is to turn schools into online shit "schools" with "teachers" acting only as call center workers, as those who work in these online scams currently are. The market is so oversaturated with teachers many of them will lower themselves to take these gigs in order to get "experience" then go to a regular school, if any exist in five or ten years.

Of course the regular private schools will still exist for the rich.

For all of the Obama lovers, here is this nugget:

This is the essential neo-liberal agenda which Obama enthusiastically supports: privatize and deregulate everything, especially public services, so that the money spent on them can be transferred to private hands. This is how Arne Duncan, Obama’s Secretary of Education, earned his bureaucratic bonafides: he converted more than 100 of Chicago’s public schools to charters while the city’s school superintendent. It’s unbelievable how credulous we are but obviously, propaganda works. That’s why the likes of the Gates Foundation keep pouring money into the cause.

NO Republican would have gotten away with this shit. It took a pair of frauds, Obama and Duncan, to destroy public education in the United States by infiltrating the Democratic Party to destroy it from within. This more than anything else is why I call Obama the worst president in the history of the country, and Duncan the worst cabinet member ever appointed.

Both of them can rot in hell.

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Rene Diedrich said...

You are right, Susan. There is nothing we can but this. I urge teachers to let parents know they can opt out on tests, an tell them to. Look at the cimmon core
PARENTS In NYC , WI, NJ, Boston and other areas are hip to the scam to some degree. They know 70% of the kids failed, their kids are stressed out and not interested in learning because the test is so beyond their abilitities. These kids are not stupid, the bastards who wrote tge test are. I have video of them joking about that. In the meantime the Federal gov. Is forcing states to accept these test, the costly technology attached to them.
Arne Duncan has tried to intimidate states that resist with threats of holding back funding , and that is TAXPAYERS $$$, Duncan is a Broadie. Broad has bankrupted Detroit abd Philly. These oeople are so greedy its like theyre high. .
Plutocracy is not going to work out well for them or for us. So if we shut down the schools they have nothing to hold us hostage with beside prisins. We can bankrupt ! Susan, youare brilliant!
Reposred please take tgis to oped. News. My email is I can post it for you. It will get natuonal pick ups in local small press . This is going up on