Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Recall May Be In Order

It's pretty obvious the Medford School Board is highly dysfunctional, with most of its members clearly in over their heads on how to run a school district.

Knowing the southern Oregon area is full of yahoo types, it isn't surprising.

If the strike happens, the district will be closed on February 6 and 7, with scabs taking over classes the following Monday on double shifts of ten-hour days teaching the kids absolutely nothing. They will get anywhere from $171 to about $342, plus travel and hotel expenses, for scabbing for the Medford School board and undermining their own careers doing it.

It would be better just to shut down the district and make up the days at the end of the year. I don't see the strike, if it happens, going on very long anyway. The district is going to lose.

On a related note, yesterday I received a letter from the superintendent of the local ESD, and he said if there are any problems going to any of the Medford schools either as an ESD regular teacher/staff or a substitute, to carry that letter or have the ESD badge so that strikers will not confuse them with the scabs trying to take their jobs.

That is the only way I will enter any of the Medford schools if the MEA members go on strike.

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