Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Root Canal Is Definitely Preferable

to listening to last night's bullshit being spewed by the Liar-in-Chief who has absolutely NO intention of doing one goddamned thing about the economy or much else. He, like the vast majority of Congress, isn't about to do one damned thing that doesn't benefit the megarich or the Wall Street crooks who own both of them.

The game is SO obvious and SO rigged, I am amazed people still think there is a real difference between the two parties anymore on issues that truly matter, such as the economy, jobs, education, and foreign policy. It's just that one party plays the crazy aunt routine in order to get people to vote for the party that really WILL screw over the American people, now that the Democratic Party has been infiltrated by neoliberal fakers and puppets like Obama. Both parties exploit the stupid "social issues" as a way to distract people away from the reality their pockets are being picked by these crooks and their henchmen.

The STFU speech was basically a waste of time, for Obama spewed a bunch of platitudes that he is going to push for this and push for that, but he isn't going to do one thing that won't fuck people over. We know, whether or not we want to admit it, the ACA is just Wall Street's scheme to abolish employer-paid health insurance and once again force employees to carry all the risk and the expense, just as they have been forced to take crap 401(k)s instead of pensions. Next on the agenda will be the abolition of unemployment insurance; after all, the demented neolibs who control the political narrative think that businesses should not have to undergo laws and regulations that would "impede" their "right" to make money and screw over workers who make that moneymaking possible by being workers and consumers. I won't even talk about the horrendous education policies that make Obama unpalatable as a real Democrat or as somebody who truly cares about people. It angers me too much to rehash it.

In the speech, Obama yapped about increasing the minimum wage, but we all know the blue states are the only ones that can be relied upon to do anything about it. Congress isn't going to do squat.

I was watching old cigarette television ads on YouTube while the speech was going on. I felt they are much better for my health.

The speech, from the White House YouTube:

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