Saturday, January 11, 2014

Another Ethical Administrator Out of a Job

So why didn't the charter school simply mail out letters to parents that they owed lunch money?

It's just unreal:

The grandmother, Evelyn Bernstein, told the Camera on Sunday that she has two grandchildren at the school, a girl in high school and a boy in elementary school.

She said the boy told her that he tried to get pizza from the school lunch line, only to be given a cheese sandwich and have his hand stamped because there was no money in his account — though he qualifies for free lunches and didn't need actually need money.

He was embarrassed and didn't want to get hot lunch again, Bernstein said

The whole thing could have been easily avoided.


Alessandro Machi said...

I wish you would go more deeply into what is the ethical aspect of this particular headline and article.

OTE admin said...
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OTE admin said...

Generally speaking, if you are an unethical principal, you are backed to the hilt by school districts. If you are an administrator and dare to risk pissing off YOUR superiors, you risk your career.