Sunday, January 19, 2014

Birds of a Feather

No surprise columnist Tom Friedman, who got his status the old-fashioned way by literally whoring himself into a rich family, is standing up for somebody who also has whored himself but in the Chicago style. Of course I am referring to Arne Duncan, the man who would be national superintendent of public schools but is a stupid, corrupt son of a bitch who shouldn't even be allowed to run a hotdog stand, let alone get anywhere near government.

It doesn't matter that every single goddamned thing pushed by the "reformers" does not work and has been shown to be a spectacular failure. That's because truth doesn't matter when you are a slave to an ideology, this one being the idea the public commons should be sold off for private gain.

That is what neoliberalism is in a nutshell: Everything is for sale to the highest bidder, with no restraint on greed. Kids are just collateral damage; the important goal is giving more handouts to the assholes who have all but destroyed this country.

Neoliberalism/libertarianism is simply political cover for sociopathy.

You can read Friedman's putrid comments here.

Doing a search, Friedman did attend both private and public schools, both K-12 and college, although he seemed to lack direction until he got married in 1978.

Marrying into money can give you a lot of options you wouldn't have just being a working class slob.

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