Friday, January 10, 2014

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

As I said in a post yesterday but am too lazy to link to it, the elites do NOT want New Jersey governor Chris Christie anywhere near the White House, so this bridge scandal is a convenient way to get him out of the way for good.

As I mentioned yesterday, a Christie presidency would certainly be to the left of this shitstain administration we have now as the Democrats would force him to move "left" as they would actually act as an opposition party representing traditional Democratic Party principles.

A "Democratic" puppet could be trusted to do the elites' and Wall Street's bidding to destroy the country so they can run off with the spoils.

It's going to depend on which puppet Mad Ave decides to shove down our throats when the 2016 campaign for president starts to heat up. I don't think it will be Hillary Clinton, who would be a puppet of her husband who still hasn't figured out everybody else is tired of him and feels he needs to retire from the public stage.

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