Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ed Etc.

At least the NEA is doing something right for a change.

That is very true, but demonizing public employees is just another con job by the neoliberal/Wall Street/billionaire crowd to divert attention from the fact they want to pilfer the public sector for private gain.

And this little statistic shows how absolutely fucked up the economic situation is in this country:

Now look at those supposedly overpaid government employees. According to the BLS, the median high school teacher earns $55,050 per year.

So, those 40 hedge fund guys made as much as 300,000, that’s three hundred thousand, school teachers — almost a third of all high school teachers in America.

Note that "hedge fund" types are actually thieves who produce nothing and contribute nothing. They are parasites who feed off the people who actually produce something--the workers who in turn are consumers--in order to have more for themselves.

Obama is a fiend to public education--NOT a "friend."

After all, he and the charter movement go way back to the 1990s with his involvement in the Joyce Foundation.

That should have disqualified him from the 2008 presidential nomination right then and there.

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