Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Much has been made of the recent death of one-time "Marlboro Man" Eric Lawson because he, like several others who were hired for the job, died of smoking-related diseases.

Lawson was 72 and died of COPD, the disease that recently caused the death of rock great Phil Everly and was also the cause of death of my mother back in 1999.

Exactly how many rugged he-man types portrayed the Marlboro Man over the years isn't clear, although Lawson was one of dozens. His wife said Monday he was friendly with some of the others, including Wayne McLaren, a former rodeo rider who died in 1992 of lung cancer that he blamed on his lifelong smoking habit. Like Lawson, McLaren spent his final years advocating against smoking. So did David McLean, who died in 1995 of lung cancer that he also blamed on smoking. He was 73.

The "Marlboro Man" was the subject of a controversial UK television program in 1976 called Death in the West. The program can be seen on YouTube.

Does the First Amendment apply to educators who find themselves sacked?

All of the job growth must be in the Portland area, for I am seeing NOTHING down here.

Yet another reason why education should not be a "for-profit" business.

For-profit education companies are facing public criticism and regulatory scrutiny over high drop-out rates, graduates' poor job prospects and the high debt levels of its students. Enrollments have also been shrinking for years in response to tighter regulation and the modest economic recovery.

A disgraced journalist who has long rehabilitated himself in the area of law can't get a break to be a laywer. Of course lawyers don't want somebody known to be a liar to enter a profession that is full of them.

It's kind of like what teachers go through.

In case you never saw this interview:

'60 Minutes' (CBS, Season 35, Episode 37) from Larry Knight on Vimeo.

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