Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fat Chance They Will Do One Damned Thing About It

I am of course referring to that goddamned theft of public employees in states not covered by Social Security, also known as the "windfall elimination provision" and the "government pension offset." These bullshit penalties were put in by Congress in around 1978, ostensibly to discourage high-paid military personnel from "double-dipping" in both military and private sector work. Of course, it was the civilian public sector labor force in 14 states and other jurisdictions around the country who got fucked over, since Congress assumed all public employees work their entire careers in public employment and get such "generous" pensions. It's debatable what constitutes a "generous" pension. Congress probably assumes pensions are "generous" like yours truly gets of just 300 a month (and may go up a few bucks this month since I am now in my fourth year of collecting PERS) and got into public employment while in my forties. Additionally, I have no spouse as a safety net. Oh, I appreciate getting a pension of some kind, unlike most workers, but face it, workers in the private sector don't get fucked over on Social Security because they have pensions or they have 401(k)s. Public employees in states that pay into Social Security also don't get fucked over.

The only way people like me can keep full Social Security benefits is if we work in "substantial employment" covered by Social Security for at least thirty years. Well, I have "only" 24-25 years in, and I don't believe there is a chance in HELL I will EVER work full-time, let alone part-time, ever again.

There should have been a class action lawsuit filed years ago against this rotten legislation, and our elected officials in D.C., for all of their talk about repealing these shitty laws, won't do one fucking thing about it.

Hell, why should they when most are owned by the likes of Peter J. Peterson, who wants to destroy Social Security and fuck EVERYBODY over so they can have more?

Social Security Fairness wants to pressure Obama, but he has more pressing matters to worry about, like trying to save his marriage or working with Michelle on a post-presidency divorce settlement, if the tabloids can be believed.

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