Friday, January 31, 2014

Gangsters Against Teachers

That is what the movement in California is to abolish civil service protections, misnamed "tenure," for K-12 teachers.

They don't even hide their contempt for people anymore.

Of course, if teachers speak out at all against the privatizers, they can just be canned.

They are anyway, but at least they have a "right" to a sham hearing.

Opposing the lawsuit is an equally cynical and hypocritical group including Democratic governor Jerry Brown, the California Teachers Association and the California Federation of Teachers.

The teacher unions have given their full support to Brown, who has cut billions of dollars from education and has no plans of substantively restoring that money. Brown, far from being an opponent of the privatization of education, has started several charter schools himself and has passed budget proposals that strongly support the spread of charter schools. This year is an election year for Brown, and he will be backed heavily by the unions. The California Teachers Association has a full article on its web site on how the governor has acted in line with its own positions.

Teachers are fucked, especially those considered "too expensive."

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