Thursday, January 30, 2014

Good Question

Saw this in the comments at the Social Security Fairness website:

Will Mr. Obama be able to use his EXECUTIVE ORDER rights to REPEAL WEP & GPO, or, is the Ways & Means Committee the only body in our government authorized to do so?

You can bet your ass nothing will be done in D.C. In the past thirty years, they have passed only two pieces of major legislation that have actually helped people (other than safety net funding for programs that were already in place): the Family Medical Leave Act (violated routinely by school districts) and the Americans With Disabilities Act. That's it.

Don't count on them repealing the hideous WEP/GPO. Right now, the movement is to demonize public employees, both workers and the retired, and to bitch about their "huge" pensions in an effort to pilfer the state treasuries to enrich Wall Street gangsters.

This person's story is typical of those who get the WEP/GPO shaft:

I worked as an elementary teacher for 15 years before taking an early retirement package offered by my district I was 57 and was needed at home for family health problems.I continued to work part time for adult ed pay teaching intervention classes, eventually teaching full time. I worked until I was 78. At 65 I applied for social security spousal benefits —-denied—– because I had the fantastic retirement income of $700 mo.!!! That would be ” double dipping” !!! I am 80 now and if anything happens to my husband I am not entitled to survivor benefits which all my friends get whether they worked or not , as long as they did not work in the “much revered” profession of teaching the future citizens of the world!!!! This WEP/GPO is the most unfair, discriminatory piece of legislation in recent history. My husband worked 40 years paying into social security for his family, I worked 35 years teaching youngsters to respect their country and its laws only to have my country turn its on back on me. If this is not changed soon I will be living at a poverty level. Please HELP !!!!

Washington can't hear you; the politicians in both political parties are too busy listening to their masters in the gangster class to care about whether you have a decent retirement income or not. They are working on more ways to screw us over.

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