Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Not the Gazette-Journal's business anyway. The whole "point" of such phony baloney "disclosures" is to create division between those who still have pensions and those who do not. They want to peddle pension crisis propaganda in order to fuel jealousy by those who are without pensions or are saddled with trash 401(k)s and push to destroy them altogether (never mind Nevada public employees do not pay into Social Security) instead of people rightly getting angry at Congress for allowing loopholes that helped companies gut pensions in favor of the do-it-yourself trash that were NEVER intended to replace pensions in the first place. Meanwhile, Wall Street and crooks like the guy who is behind trying to destroy public pensions (a man associated with Enron) are laughing at idiots who don't understand what these crooks want to do. They want to steal your pensions and your Social Security to further enrich themselves.

By the way, public employees do NOT work for "taxpayers"--they work for the agencies for which they are employed. They, too, pay taxes, so by the illogic of the RGJ and other media, they would be self-employed.

More about those crooks who want to steal public pensions: link

Peter J. Peterson is the main corrupt billionaire who wants to go after Social Security to enrich himself further. He owns politicians in both political parties, including President Obama. He can't die quick enough for me, and the son of a bitch is something like 87 years old now.

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