Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Help Wanted: Scabs

It appears the Medford School District is recruiting around the state for idiots willing to steal teachers' jobs, plus getting free room and board and mileage on top of the 171 bucks a day for five hours of work, if the Medford teachers go on strike next week as scheduled.


The district announced Tuesday afternoon that it has begun recruiting K-12 Oregon licensed teachers from around the state to fill in for teachers in the classroom if there is a strike. It posted an advertisement for substitute teachers on its website saying it would pay about $171 per five-hour shift and a per diem for expenses and weekly round-trip mileage reimbursement.

They are counting on all of the young idiot recent graduates of the several Portland-area colleges to come in and scab since teaching jobs are few and far between.

However, teachers and administrators have LONG memories, and I would NEVER consider crossing the picket line knowing that to interview for any jobs available, certified or classified, requires going in front of a committee of administrators and teachers. Not smart.

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