Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's a Mental Problem, Not "Prejudice" That Is the Cause

Suicide is always a tragic act, an act of desperation, and I know the feeling having been destitute for so long, but you have to feel there is no other way out but to do it. It's no surprise at all "transgenders" have a very high suicide attempt rate.

Of course there shouldn't be prejudice against "transpeople" any more than there should be prejudice against people who have had lobotomies or suffer from other mental illnesses, but what I deeply resent is people trying to normalize clearly abnormal behavior to further a political agenda.

I have always felt this way about "transsexualism," and I always will feel that way about it. It is the ultimate in sexist prejudice to allow people to go through surgical mutilation and hormone treatments in order to playact a sex role stereotype fantasy. It is truly repellent, and it needs to be called out, not normalized or politicized to think it is just another "continuum" in gender roles or whatever bullshit its advocates are trying to peddle. Bluntly it is a misuse of medicine to treat surgically a psychiatric disorder based on identity issues.

In a world where there is true equality between the sexes, such extreme behavior would not exist or be tolerated because people would accept themselves for what they are. There would be no need to act out sex role stereotypes because sex role stereotypes would not exist.

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