Tuesday, January 07, 2014

More About the School Uniform Court Case

I doubt there is video available like there is with the Ninth Circuit, but once again it appears WCSD doesn't have a leg to stand on although you never know with courts. Few judges have any idea whatsoever how much power principals have, and they don't even have to follow the law:

Randy Drake, chief general counsel for the Washoe County School District, countered during the hearing that state law gives principals authority to impose uniforms. About 30 schools in Washoe County now require uniforms, he said.

Justice Kristina Pickering questioned the purpose of the state education statute if everybody already had power to impose a uniform policy.

“It is arguable if there is going to be a uniform policy, it has to be adopted by the board of trustees,” Pickering said.

What's the damned point of the law if it's going to be flouted anyway? But welcome to the wonderful world of school district policies, where the law takes a backseat to the whims of administrators.

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