Monday, January 13, 2014

Ms. Punctuality Finally Shows Up on Time

Only after this principal's shenanigans of not showing up to work on time over a period of years was made public did she finally make it a point to come to work on time today--for the first time in SEVEN YEARS.

This woman pulls down well over 100k a year, yet she treats the job like it's semi-retirement.

Hell, my last principal was a lazy shit, too, but she would show up to work, lock herself in her office or gallivant around to this conference or that conference while her useful idiots like the speech pathologist would do her dirty work for her.

Sources said that fur-loving principal Marcella Sills has an abysmal attendance record and history of uncaring and bizarre behavior.

“The PTA has problems with the principal. My wife is the vice president of the PTA. The principal, she doesn’t care. She dodges parents. She says she’s busy but then she’s just standing around, and always ready to leave,” said Jonathan Pelaez, 26, who was dropping off his daughter for pre K.

After seeing the Post report, new Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina assigned a deputy to visit PS 106 Monday morning.

“What was reported … is unacceptable, and if true will be immediately addressed,” Farina said in a statement.

Yeah, they'll give this dolt a central office job. It takes an act of Congress to actually fire a principal. It just isn't done unless the principal dares to make waves.

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