Wednesday, January 22, 2014

News, Etc.

Governor Sandy's administration decides to pander to the far right to shore up his re-election bid.

However, he personally thinks it should be up to the voters to decide the issue, so that way he can pander to both sides.

The Sandoval administration urged a federal appeals court to uphold the state’s ban on gay marriage, arguing it serves the “legitimate purpose of preserving traditional marriage” and is entrenched in the state’s history.

The brief filed by the attorney general’s office late Tuesday in the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals comes as federal courts have struck down similar laws in other states. Gay couples in the case argue that Nevada’s ban is unconstitutional and that a law allowing domestic partnerships made same-sex couples second-class citizens.

It's the Ninth Circuit, so I doubt the court will be that sympathetic to the attorney general's arguments.

Not my own doggerel, but this article reminds me of it:

Republicans whine and Republicans bitch
Our rich are too poor, and our poor are too rich.

Here is another article condemning the firing of the New Jersey principals.

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