Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pie in the Sky Thinking

Of course public school teachers should have the right to speak out without threats to their careers, and they should have the same rights everybody else has. However, they are supposed to be put on a "higher" standard of "conduct" which means they have fewer rights than everybody else.

The Bill of Rights doesn't exist in public education or administrative law.

I saw this on this morning:

As long as you are doing your job and doing it the way they tell you to, you should be able to speak out publicly in disagreement with any programs, methods, or agendas that they require you to follow. To face reprimand or even termination for not being "loyal" to the district is nothing short of tyranny. And, how are the parents or community to find out what is really going on if the teachers are constantly under a gag order, threatened with their job if they tell what is really going on or give their opinion about it? If the district admin chooses a program that you as a teacher think is no good, as long as you are teaching it as you are told to do, you should be able to speak your opinion of it freely. If your administrator is telling you to handle discipline problems in a way that you do not think is good for kids, as long as you are doing as you are told while on campus, you should be free to tell anyone and everyone what you think of what you are being asked to do without any worries or possibility of being reprimanded or terminated because you disagreed with what you were told to
do. The public is kept from knowing the truth about so much of how things are really done and what is really going on because teachers are threatened into silence. Public education is definitely set up as a dictatorship.

It goes to the fact the administrators and their useful idiots who call themselves teachers believe they are "entitled" to taxpayer-financed employment. They got their jobs or promotions in the first place through connections, primarily by being somebody's kid or spouse, not because they happened to be the most qualified applicants for those jobs. Most of them couldn't make it in the private sector because anybody who is a threat to the bottom line of that sector is promptly thrown out the door (if they happen to be CEOs, they are rewarded for their incompetence with platinum parachutes). These goons will move heaven and earth, go so far as to manipulate legal proceedings, in order to keep those jobs.

Teachers basically are at the lowest caste system in this country, but few people outside of education, and a lot of them INSIDE of education, don't know the truth.

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