Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Spinning Like a Top

I for one have NEVER been contacted by any union members regarding substituting during the upcoming Medford School District teacher's strike (if indeed it happens), let alone been threatened.

I don't know why administrators and the board try to play the public for suckers.

Mediators are stepping in to try and resolve the matter. Of course MSD administrators are trying to copy what Eagle Point's tried to do nearly two years ago, but Eagle Point fell on its face trying to play hardball.

And yes, there IS a problem with somebody unqualified and having been involved with H&D shortly before it filed for bankruptcy, as noted in a comment following the article:

Phil Long appears to be in his normal state of denial and the school board that he reports to appears to be in its normal state of confusion. There is no viable plan in place to replace our teachers in case of a strike. What there is is a hope on a wing and a prayer that enough substitutes will be available and willing to cross the picket lines to keep our schools open in a way that provides a safe and secure learning environment for our city's children. That isn't a plan, it's a hope.

Here's something else to think about: When considering the accuracy of the financial information put out by the school district consider the source. Brad Earl, the Chief Financial Officer of the Medford School District, is the former Treasurer of Harry & David. Let's hope our schools don't end up in the same place H&D did.

Hey, we have a dipshit jock running the federal Department of Education, so what else is new?

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