Monday, January 27, 2014

There's a Problem

When one says it has to take the anger of the middle class to change things around, there has to be a middle class LEFT in order to get angry.

The "middle class" or "working class" or whatever you call it has been hollowed out to the point there are fewer and fewer people left in it. You can thank Washington tax and economic policies which have created such an outrageous inequality of income.

Reich knows that without that outrage, revolution is sure to follow:

But it’s more likely they merely allowed all this to unfold, like a giant wet blanket over the outrage and indignation most Americans feel but don’t express.

Change is coming anyway. We cannot abide an ever-greater share of the nation’s income and wealth going to the top while median household incomes continue too drop, one out of five of our children living in dire poverty, and big money taking over our democracy.

At some point, working people, students, and the broad public will have had enough. They will reclaim our economy and our democracy. This has been the central lesson of American history.

Reform is less risky than revolution, but the longer we wait the more likely it will be the latter.

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